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Originally posted by ca
For those of the No-need-t-oil group, I see how oil from you hand coats the jo, but how does it cover the bokken during use, not just the handle? I would think the blade, which takes the beating, doesn't get touched much (besides checking to be sure it was splinter free before starting practice)...
This may be scorned but as a matter a of course when I pick up my bokken I grab it in the middle as you would a sheathed sword. I also run my hand along the blade just to "oil it", so to speak. But during kumitachi there are variations where you touch the back of blade. Also I've been known to do 1st suburi cuts holding the tip of the weapon to help buld stronger cuts. But if you see my bokken the handle is much darker than the blade. And is hasn't splintered, yet.
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