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Re: Aikido for Drug/alcohol Rehab

Aran Bright wrote:
What are the core principles that you maintain to allow the healing to occur rather than further damage. I know when someone who is ready to face there demons are already very unsettled to begin with how can stop from making it worse?
Core principles? IMHO ...

Unsettled? Absolutely. Welcome the lack of center and balance so you can find a new one. Its a transition state. Shift from the judgmental learned ego identity to the spiritual identity we all really are.

Accept what was and what is. You can't change the past or that everything didn't happen the way you want it to. Its not all about you. We often feel helpless because we are. These are just statements of fact.

There is no judgment. That is a part of the learned ego identity. We learned it as a reflection to others, so its not really about us, its about them.

According to the big book, all addiction comes from spiritual bankruptcy, which equates to psychological self judgment, we falsely believe in our identity that if our higher power calls we are unworthy to pick up the phone. Spiritual abundance to to honest believe that we are all worth it, including me, and that our spirituality (our true identity) is already just fine.

There are no problems, just solutions we keep trying that don't work.

The miracle is to see through the illusion to who we all really are. Its a shift in perception. Choose the miracle.

Okay, okay ... he catches himself, ends the mini-lectures, steps away from the podium, bows, and returns to the mat. (Sorry, you hit a subject I am very passionate about.)

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