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Re: Question from a beginner

Hi again Paul,

I'm easy to spot - there are only two girls with white belts in the Tues/Sat classes; little itty-bitty Sarah, who wears lavender glasses and is about 25 years old, and myself, 36 years old, dark curly hair. Please say hello when next we meet.

Thanks very much for the congratulations.

Take care,


Paul Nicholls wrote:
Congratulations! Still not exactly sure who you are but sure I know you by sight! Is that a yellow belt with stripe? Well! You are no longer a beginner (well--a COMPLETE beginner! I understand that everyone regards themselves as a beginner even after many years) I will be there Tuesday but expect to be regarded with suspicion after missing so long. I am having a hard time finding time--but MUST do so--it's worth it! Had to do your stuff in front of everyone, eh? I have watched some (mostly kids I think) and is definitely a public spectacle (although at these levels largely a foregone conclusion)--but I can easily imagine making all manner of stupid mistakes just because everyone is watching! Hell--we make them just because Sensei is watching? Anyways, you are now well on your way!
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