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Re: Question from a beginner

Hi Paul~!

Tested today for yellow stripe and passed. Went through all the end-of-class exercises, knee walking, and very basic other things. Quite intimidating, getting up in front of everyone, but I've been told that's one of the hardest parts about testing.

I am definitely going to look for and buy the Gozo Shiodo book. I need to practice far more at home.

Take care. Hope to see you Tuesday?


Paul Nicholls wrote:
Is that Erin again? Think I've missed two weeks--am I going to be fired? Think the important thing is to be there 20 years from now, but sure you can't make progress without 3-4x/week. I am getting off to a VERY slow start... I did order the Gozo Shiodo book and all other suggestions were very useful. Should be able to at least recognize the six basic things from that book?
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