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Originally posted by Greg Jennings

I had this happen recently. First time I'd ever seen it.

My partner was using a "conventional" bokken while I was using my trusty Iwama bokken.

On the knee cut of kumitachi 2, when I blocked (for the non-Iwama folks, that block is edge-to-edge), the blade of her bokken broke right in the middle. Both halves were extremely sharp-pointed and could have easily injured someone.

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My favorite bokken is one I got from my first sensei, no idea where it is from, it is blunt ended and only slightly curved (but more than Iwama) and slightly more of an edge than Iwama (but not much)... I'd say it is most like an Iwama bokken except it is very narrow diameter---perfect for me since I wear childrens gloves... the point: it is petite, very.

During a weapons seminar my partner, a somewhat taller female with a larger, more traditional shaped (but that funny light red wood) bokken and I were working when she executed a yokomenuchi that I was to block... with a loud 'crack' the distal third of her weapon went sailing into the center of our group (since it had a very sharp break, it luckily missed everyone). The instructor, without missing a beat, called out 'now THAT'S a harai!'
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