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Re: Relaxing Aiki vs Yoga.

Jo Adell - "ability to do splits and kick over my head at 50"
good for you!!

I'm recovering from devastating injury of 25 years ago. I've done yoga, tai chi chuan, chi kung (this the most diligently) aikido, physical therapy - ad nauseum. One of my Senseis who is younger, criticized my training (sharply), and said that solo training alone would not give me all I needed. We had words.

Next class he taught was about connection for uke - even during the most rigorous movement - ikyo for me, as both my shoulders have come out of joint. The most difficult and painful exercise was staying connected during very very fast but smooth ikyo and bouncing back up to continue pushing into nage's center. I yelled from the pain, trembled, experienced rapid breathing, and generally hurt like Hell during this exercise, but began using muscle groups I've had locked down since my injury.

Next class I was throwing koshi nage off my right side - the side that has collapsed under load for all those years.

Thank you Sensei!


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