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Re: The OAR and the BROOM HANDLE

Originally posted by Thalib
My jo is thicker in diameter than any regular jo. This is because it is actually a broom handle that is almost the same length as a jo, so I just use it anyway. It is called, yes, "The Broom Handle".
One thing to be careful of when using "alternative" sticks for weapons practice is that oftentimes, they're made of inferior wood. This means that they may be more prone to splintering and breaking which can cause injury to yourself and others around you.

I preferred to invest in a nice, hickory jo that has lasted me for the past seven years or so. Friends of mine in jodo have commented that they have had their jo (which takes a much heavier beating in jodo than any aikido kumijo I've seen) for ten years of training.

-- Jun

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