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Re: Re: breaks easily? Oil?

Originally posted by Johan Tibell

My bokken hasn't broke. It's a sturdy piece of white aok.
I "pointed" bokken will break or gett "nagged" if you hit something with the tip (and it sometimes happen). Nothing strange about it since the tip is very thin.
I agree.

You can also use weapons of different wood than Oak. I have a jo stick made of Hickory.

Technically speaking, hickory has better mechanical properties than Oak (its a hard wood like Oak, but it has finer grain, it's stronger, and more resilient.) BUT, I'm not sure it's significantly better than Oak. And, it has visual differences that you (whomever) may not care for: It's generally nearly white, and usually has color variation within it's grain. (To me, this just makes my bokken have its own personal contenance. )

Anyway, I haven't seen enough Hickory in action to say it's definitely better than Oak, but mine holds up beautifully in heavy, paired work with Oak jo. Another student in my dojo has hickory, and he has the same results/opinion as I. If you already have several weapons, I'd suggest trying Hickory. Since you're very familiar with Oak, you can readily compare for yourself.
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