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weapon storage

Okay, people will probably freak out when they read this but I store my weapons in the trunk of my car...
Not to dry nor to wet, flat on bottom in my homemade weapons bag, I use them two or three times a week and I always take them with me to class. My teacher and several fellow students do the same and up to now all our bokkens and jos are in good shape, no splintering or breaking. We don't sand them, we don't oil them, we just use them. The only thing I did take care of when I bought them was that there were no knots or anything in the wood (I handed the first 3 bokkens the store showed me back because they had knots or didn't have a good finish). My bokken has been with me for 3 years although it has't got a name yet and I resently bought a new jo, my previous jo was a piece of curtain rail and after 3 years a collision with a bokken point at full force resulted in a very nasty dent. A very good excuse to buy a real jo I thought and so I did, I am still in doudt if I should mark it in any way. In my regular dojo it is no problem but during large seminars (100+ people and even more jos) it could get confussing which jos whose.

Hope I didn't give anybody a heartattack


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