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Re: Keeping my weapons

I shall impart my knowledge on you all, take it or leave it.

I believe you don't need to oil your weapons provided you use them regularly. If you train with your weapons regularly the oil and sweat from your hand prevents the weapons from drying out and splintering. I have not oiled my current set of weapons and I've had my bokken for about 4 years now. If you do not intend on using your weapons for a lengthy period of time you should oil them to prevent them from drying out.

As for sanding your weapons I don't do it as a rule. You work so hard to get the white oak bokken/jo a nice dark colour with years of hard work and sweat. Then you want to sand it off in an afternoon. It doesn't make sense to me. However I did sand my jo back once and that was when it started to splinter, so I sanded the splinters off and the nice dark colour as well. I should add that, that particular jo was of low quality and after years of use and abuse it started to splinter, hence the sanding.

As for storage, again, if you use them regularly it doesn't matter if u store them on a horizontal rack. I don't believe it will warp out of shape. Mine haven't yet. However if you don't intend on using them for a considerable amount of time you should store them flat on the floor or vertical, and turn them every now and then when you walk by them. That should prevent the warping.

In summary, the best maintanence for your weapons, is use. Just do 5 minutes of suburi every morning, or even just 10minutes of suburi after every class and they should be fine.
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