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Re: Poll: Does aikido contain an ethical code for you to follow?

Peter Goldsbury wrote:
Another way of thinking would be that aikido as practised in the US does indeed contain an ethical code; as practised in Japan it does not and this perhaps has to do with the values implicit in the respective cultures
This is a great way, by analogy or aikido as microcosm, to describe the different cultures (as I understand them, less than you and Don Modesto). We have to make the code explicit, 1. because that's the Western way, 2. more diverse culture here and more chance for misinterpretation of intentions.

Erick Mead - Gosh darn it, we like to pick on you! But I think most of us enjoy your contribution.

I voted 'yes'. Culturally our school strongly discourages over aggressiveness - nonverbally. Read into this what you will.

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