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Re: The age old question...too old to start?

Blas Villalonga wrote:
Hello, people

My question is (as cliche as it sounds) I too old to start at 27?
I started at 31, now I'm 34, and enjoying every bit of it.
My sensei (3rd dan) is 49 and absolutely "kicks ass" on the mat like many others sensei in that age range i've seen in action; your best guess not knowing his age would be something around 38-40 years given his overall apparent shape and agility.
Search for some Tissier (55-56 years if i remember well) or Tada (well past 70) footage and let me know if they seem hindered by their age in their Aikido practice

The longevity of the practice is one of the best positive aspects of this art, imho... you don't need Bruce Lee or Jet Li body shape and age to achieve very good (if not top notch) results.

So, not only you can train, it will help your body/mind remain younger


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