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Marc Kupper
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Re: Contributing Membership "Pledge Drive"

Jun Akiyama wrote:
I believe the system sends you a piece of e-mail when your membership is about to run out. Can anyone confirm?
Yes - I had renewed on 11/02/2005 and on 11/02/2006 (exactly one year later) I received an e-mail from "AikiWeb Aikido Forums Forums" (sic) with the subject "Paid Subscription Expiry Notice" advising me that the subscription was about to expire.

But - I believe the question was if there's a way to tell when a subscription will be due for renewal. The answer to that is "yes" -- Take a look at the Paid Subscriptions page and if you are logged into aikiweb it'll show you when your subscription was started and when it'll expire.

Normally you'd get to the Paid Subscriptions page by clicking on Preferences that's at the left side of the horizontal toolbar. Look at the inside menu bar on the left (where it says "Control Panel," "Settings & Options," and down under "Miscellaneous" is Paid Subscriptions.

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