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Talking The OAR and the BROOM HANDLE

Originally posted by Greg Jennings

My bokken is known in my dojo as "the club".
When I go to the dojo I usually bring all of my practice weapons. This includes 3 bokkens, 1 shinai, 1 jo, and 1 suburi-to.

My suburi-to is the large version of a bokken, it's like that is modeled after a no-dachi instead of the regular o-dachi. It's very large, long, thick, but flat in its proportions. Everybody in the dojo called it "The Oar", because in a way it does look like an oar.

My jo is thicker in diameter than any regular jo. This is because it is actually a broom handle that is almost the same length as a jo, so I just use it anyway. It is called, yes, "The Broom Handle".
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