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Chuck and I seem to be following each other around today and Jun, how did you know I'd wind up in this thread?

In my own case spirituality means an extensive exploration of myself. I can, most of the time, bounce someone around doing Aikido, if not with Aikido then I've got a decent right and if it's too slow then dammit I might be bigger than you. So working on getting someone down is not a big deal to me--like everyone, I know how to fight.

What I care about is becoming who I am, listening to who I am and trusting in it. Aikido as I've practiced it recently has allowed me to express and explore that. I guess I'm saying it's allowed me to hear more of who I am and as I hear more I begin to trust more.

Chuck's comment on being safe has been critical in this. I don't think this type of practice can happen without a feeling of almost complete trust in the people around you. You've got to feel safe when in the middle of class you start hearing voices telling you what technique to do, or that you should quit your job and become an artist or whatever strange things come up. Hell, they might not even be strange, but you've got to feel safe for them to come up because they'll feel strange to you even if it's becoming a doctor.

So my spiritual/Aikido practice is to listen, trust what I hear and act upon it.
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