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Re: breaks easily? Oil?

Originally posted by Sherman Byas
Why do Johan's bokken break? Where where they purchased? I just received jo & bokken as a gift from my Sensei and have not done any sanding or oiling. Does this really make a difference? Will it prevent breakage?
Bokken, and other weapons, break because the material is not perfect, it never can be. The sanding helps, especially with one of the Poly coated weapons, because then the oils from your hands won't cause the weapon to become sticky. That is, if you remove the poly by sanding.
Oiling the weapons helps keep the fibers of the wood moist, and therefore they don't dry out (obvious I know) and warp, crack, split, etc.
Just a thought. to the person who stated that because they carry thier bokken "handle" down it would be slower to draw, have you considered that, since it is a wooden stick, if you NEED to draw it, it doesn't matter what end you hold?
A thought to mull over, and yes I know it is unconventional.

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