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The age old question...too old to start?

Hello, people
First time poster, here.

I usually read the forums here, and have a blast, since almost all of you seem like very knowledgeable and nice people, so I hope you can help me...

I live in Mexico, I'm 27 and I love Aikido....problem is....I didn't have a dojo available. There was one, about 2 years ago, and I immediately went to train there, but the school only remained open for about 3 months.

Now, in 2 months I will be moving to Vancouver for anywhere from 6 months to a year (studies) to improve my resume, and I gotta say....there's lot of Aikido dojos! I decided to go to either Granville Aikido or to Yoshinkan Aikido British Columbia Association (in fact, any suggestions on Aikido schools in Vancouver would be appreciated)

Too add to my surprise, I found out that a GREAT Aikido dojo just opened in my city, not 10 mins. away from my house, so now I have somewhere to go train after I get back from Vancouver.

I'm a wee bit overweight right now (6-8 pounds maybe) and I'm not in my peak physical condition....but I do have some martial arts experience. 6 years of wushu when I was a teenager, couple of years of boxing, and some Hapkido, but I gotta say....Aikido felt SO different from everything else, and I truly feel I want to train that for the rest of my life.

My question is (as cliche as it sounds) I too old to start at 27?

I want to be able to do those nasty falls and beautiful throws, and I want to learn everything I can, and achieve a black belt in some years, so I can start learning even more....but I know all of that takes years.

Granted, I was taking Hapkido just a year ago and I did everything with no problem (falls, kicks, rolls, etc) so perhaps I'm underestimating my age....but still, one feels the need to ask questions like these sometimes.

Thank you all VERY much for your time, and I hope I can start posting regularly as an Aikidoka pretty soon.

Have a good one!
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