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Greg Jennings
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Originally posted by Johan Tibell

Well my sword isn't pointed, in "Iwama style" aikido we do alot of weapon work as I'm sure you know and the top breakes of all to easy is you strike properly and hit something. Another sword or a car tire for example. Although the swords with "sharp" points looks nicer.
I had this happen recently. First time I'd ever seen it.

My partner was using a "conventional" bokken while I was using my trusty Iwama bokken.

On the knee cut of kumitachi 2, when I blocked (for the non-Iwama folks, that block is edge-to-edge), the blade of her bokken broke right in the middle. Both halves were extremely sharp-pointed and could have easily injured someone.

One humorous tangent: my bokken is even thicker and heavier than most Iwama bokken. The first time I visited Hans Goto Sensei, he took one look at it and said something like "What a club that one is!". The name stuck. My bokken is known in my dojo as "the club".

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