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Johan Tibell
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Originally posted by Edward
Traditionally, since bokken is supposed to be treated like a real sword at all times, you should keep it handle up and blade down. However, since I found out that it is not really a sword but just a piece of expensive wood, keeping it blade down may cause the point to break or be damaged in transportation, which can be quite expensive knowing the crazy prices of good quality bokken, so while in the carrying case, I keep it the opposite way, handle down, despite the fact that I won't be able to draw it fast enough in case of an unexpected attack

Well my sword isn't pointed, in "Iwama style" aikido we do alot of weapon work as I'm sure you know and the top breakes of all to easy is you strike properly and hit something. Another sword or a car tire for example. Although the swords with "sharp" points looks nicer.


Johan Tibell
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