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Re: Poll: Does aikido contain an ethical code for you to follow?

Ian Dodkins wrote:
Hi Eric. Interesting answer. I would say that 'explicitly' aikido doesn't contain an ethical code i.e., although people may layer on their own religious/ethical beliefs, the study of aikido doesn't require the same belief. However, I would say 'implicitly' there is an ethical code since some techniques have been altered to reduce damage, the method of training tends to be without teaching killing/maiming aspects of the techniques (or at least not training in them regularly), and the 'blending' aspect, although it can be used for applying techniques brutally, it can be used to apply techniques in a manner which is less damaging.

I'm willing to be convinced otherwise, but I think if aikido is being learnt, the manner of learning tends to produce a less brutal end to the technique than learning e.g. aiki-jitsu. Therefore, is this not some intrinsic ethical code?
I meant explicitly. Brain fart.

Good post.
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