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Re: funny grading moments

Gavin Pay wrote:
Does that mean you call 'call in cool' at work?
Remember, the point of this kind of vernacular is to piss off and confuse parents. It serves no other purpose, really.

The Aikido approach to dealing with it would be to learn and accept it so that you undermine your kids' ability to speak in code. I do this to my daughter all the time and it really annoys her. But it also allows me to be the overprotective dad that I need to be.

On Topic: When she started Aikido it was my idea. She took to it immediately. So I decided I should attend one of her promotions. This was a big deal because of my work commute, but it turned out to be worth it.

Perspective: She was eight or nine and small for her age.

Randori: Sensei doesn't like some of the randori's he's seen so far and tells the uke's to "knock-em-down" if they don't execute the throw.

My daughter's turn: One of her uke's was a tall brown belt who took the "knock-em-down" instruction very seriously. He came at her like a freight train. He hit her hard enough to force her to step back and go down on one knee... which point she executed a near-perfect sumi otoshi sending him flying in a beautiful arc over her head. His face was priceless. He was sure he had her when she went to her knee.

I wish I'd had a camcorder running.

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