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Originally posted by Arianah
I interpreted it as how many falls you take from being thrown in an hour class. I never even thought about ukemi drills, which would make my number much higher. I just thought the ones who put 501+ were exaggerating (my number is still much less, even adding the ukemi drills and having a fast-paced class . . . sigh).
My interpretation was number of falls from rei-on to rei-off and at my home dojo this includes 30 minutes warm up (minimum)with usually no practice ukemi and often some kenjutsu because my sensei emphasises kenjutsu as an aikido source. I also did not include what I consider truncated ukemi, for example from immobilisations, as I am from a judo background and anything less than a full emphatic breakfall is not seen as 'real' ukemi waza. On that basis, I calculated to average out 50 falls during a two hour session.
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