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Re: Do Americans lack humor

Neil Mick wrote:
You're right: Abu Ghraib, Baghram, Guantanamo, and tossing out Habeas Corpus are our ways of telling the world that "we care." If the Spanish Inquisition was human society's stumbling attempts at sick humor: you could think of extroadinary rendition as our attempt at modernizing the knock-knock joke, with a helluva "punch"line ("Knock-knock." "Who's there?" *sounds of a door getting smashed in* "'Sounds of door getting smashed in,' who?")

See...? You claim that we American's have no sense of humor; but we take our humor very seriously (just look at who we elected). When Bush said that he's a "uniter: not a divider," he was making his first steps in his valiant effort to mine the depths of irony.

Now, we will not sleep until we've steamrolled every single English word in our bid to "irony-out" terrorism! (see? We're great punsters, too!!)
Ah, crud.

Our government's bad nough, but now I've got Neil representing me on an international level too?! If we create another set of representatives called the "House of Smart-asses", he's got my vote for sure!

"The only difference between Congress and drunken sailors is that drunken sailors spend their own money." -Tom Feeney, representative from Florida
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