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Well, it's definitely easier for me to say "blend" than it is for me to say everything else I've said all week here. But *clearly* I'm the odd ball attaching these meanings to this particular word.

If (heaven forbid) we were on a karate forum, I would not object to your use of the word. Any common definition would probably be close enough to further discussion.

On this aikido forum, everyone has their own subtle understanding of the word, built upon their own limited experience and understanding. "Blend" does not stimulate discussion here; it stifles discussion. We all take turns arguing with ourselves, pretending it is a genuine exchange.

Also, aside from your clearly taking issue with my use of the specific word *blend*. Do you have issues with the concepts and ideas that I mean when I say blend?

Yes. Uke should not practice aikido when doing so will hinder their partner's progress. IOW, uke should never practice aikido.

...I don't think literal filtering would work...

Necessity is the mother of invention, they say.

...but a section on the site (maybe there already is one? Jun?) where the nuances of those key terms is at least nailed down.
I might discover their "definitions" are different from those to which I'm accustomed, but then I could correct my vocabulary (before barging into the forums) and use the common/correct vocabulary.

Without a shared set of reference points, "correct vocabulary" is a fantasy. Don't waste your energy.
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