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Re: Do Americans lack humor

While truthful in it's optimism, and I am an optimist, I will for the moment regard the above post as finely crafted sarcasm. Unless you want me to take that seriously But since this thread was moved from humor to open discussion, I suppose it deserves more sincere attention. It might be a preference for not being mistaken online. Humor is hard to transmit via internet, and while the signal seems loud and clear when it leaves your keyboard, it deteriorates, and can end up unintentionally insulting. Something often avoided by aikidoka.

On the other hand, I've found that my sense for sarcasm as a form of humor went down the drain after a period of time in which I was able to participate in group zazen meditation. All the thinking and the experiencing of what is, now, tended to engender sincerity, and sincerity is essentially the oppsite of sarcasm.

Anyhow, don't hurt me, I didn't move it from the humor department!

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