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Originally posted by cconstantine
Vulcan death grip: (told you I was jumping around.) I doubt on the hand; But there is a little nerve plexus on your neck (near where you would do a choke with your shin on a pinned apponent) that is a feedback mechanism to your heart -- a blood pressure sort of regulator so your heart gets feedback about blood pressure to the head. Crush that little nexus and ones heart can stop. (Physiology, not mystism -- something to keep in mind when pinning uke in practice.) So, I presume there are other such stupidly-vulnerable, key spots on the body.
Heard the following on the Dean Edell although I almost hate to post it.

Apparently it is possible to strike the chest at just the right time so that the heart will stop beating. Happens, very rarely, to fighters. Apparently there is a nerve or something there can be triggered if hit at the right time. Of course, it has nothing to do with it being the evening, solar tropical depressions or the time zone one resides in but it can apparently be done if you time the pulse 'exactly' right. It's something akin to hitting the lottery in a not good way and it's basic physiology. I've been trying to find a transcript on the show. If I do, I'll post it.
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