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several random items

Holy cow, there are so many posts, I wouldn't know where to start replying to individual items. So, just a few things that stuck in my mind after reading...

I don't feel as if *anyone* attacked me, or was aggresive in this forum. If I wasn't interested in hearing the veiws of others, (however they are formed or phrased,) I wouldn't be here.

On language and vocabulary: I mentioned this somewhere upthread too, the trained-only-in-one-dojo syndrome gives me a biased vocabulary. (How could it not?) If I say "blend" and I get 23 replies all with questions and ideas and arguments, then I know I've found a portion of my vocabulary, or more importantly, an area of my understanding of Aiki that I need to investigate more thoroughly.

Sometimes I'm accused (in my dojo) of being fluffy-bunny. I spent several years "un-learning" being a brute-force bear, now it's time to "train up" atemi, extension, and power. When I talk about aikido, I sound like my current level of training and understand -- ie, fluffy-bunny at times.

Vulcan death grip: (told you I was jumping around.) I doubt on the hand; But there is a little nerve plexus on your neck (near where you would do a choke with your shin on a pinned apponent) that is a feedback mechanism to your heart -- a blood pressure sort of regulator so your heart gets feedback about blood pressure to the head. Crush that little nexus and ones heart can stop. (Physiology, not mystism -- something to keep in mind when pinning uke in practice.) So, I presume there are other such stupidly-vulnerable, key spots on the body.
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