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Lee Mulgrew
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Re: Do Americans lack humor

Michael Meister wrote:
or is it just incompatible with the old world?

Often, when I talk to my English mates, they mention, that they get serious philosophical answer on posts in this humor section, mainly by US Americans, though the original post was only meant to be fun.

So are we different? If you do feel the need to answer seriously, please do it at least in a satirical way
the problem arises because all Americans are either power mad plastic surgery junkies, rednecks or street hoodlums where as we Brits tend be tea drinking snobs in bowler hats or cockney street urchins selling our wares or sweeping chimney's! As a foreigner in our green and pleasant land I can forgive your ignorance of these matters as you are obviously not as wise as us Brits (we once ruled the world you know..... well, some of it anyway!)
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