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I'm not saying you cannot have opinions, nor that you must be silenced. I am not even saying you can't use mean-spirited words when describing others...but I am saying that I wish you would avoid them. How is this done?

For instance : 'at my dojo, we do not often/ever use terms like 'extend ki' or 'blend' etc... we prefer to emphasize breakdown angles/atemi/etc...' at this point, if you are interested, you can add 'could you tell me more about your views of ki/musubi/etc'. If you are absolutely certain you have nothing to gain from hearing a different view, you can be silent vs. adding words like 'kooky'. If still wanting to emphasize your own style, add why breakdown angles/atemi/etc work so effectively for you (avoiding 'this is the only right way' or 'all other ways are ineffective'---I can 100% guarentee you they are not).

Try to point out the positive in what you say, and try not to use any label that would offend you if it were put in front of your style or yourself (if you like 'fluffy bunny and kooky', consider getting help). Your posts could have stood on their own without EVER using those two words, or the reference to Eastern philosophy with Kung Fu music background.
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