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Re: Has anyone ever heard of Taijutsu


Thanks for the informative reply. I'm glad you find my description of Bujinkan to be fairly accurate. I find that I am very sore today (two days after training with Bujinkan), more so than I ever am with Aikido training. I definitely walked out of there with a couple hard hits to the chest, arms, and groin!

However I did find the training fairly fun and quite a learning experience. It helped me to realize where my aikido training can be useful outside of standard aikido. The bujinkan sensei seemed very pleased to train with me because of my good ukemi, and invited me to train with them more often. I'm not sure I would be willing to give up aikido to train in bujinkan regularly, I feel that I am to passive to study budo with a more violent mindset.


I was told about the godan tests which used to be taken with live blades. That idea scares me a bit also. I'm sure you can live through it, but it would be a very nasty sacrifice for one's budo if you don't get out of the way in time.
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