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[quote]Originally posted by Sarah
I've been thinking and I cannot recall ever hearing the word "blend" in my home dojo. Join up, join with, kimasubi - these are all used for a similar set of concepts. Language guides thinking....

I'd be interested in hearing from other posters - do your teachers use the word "blend" frequently?
How about "one point" and "extend ki". Are there any other words you see used here that aren't part of your usual dojo vocabulary?


this was as you agreed with Chris that 'blend' was a word to be avoided...great substitution with 'kimasubi'

I'm too tired to snip the last quote, where Craig offers to correct his vocabularly, since you and Chris have taken him so severely to task for using 'blend', no one has answered his question on what 'kimasubi' (sic) means, and you tell him HE is too concerned about pinpointing the definition, and reassure him HE is not as kooky as you had originally suspected. It is not too far back in the posts...

my goal is not to annoy you, although it seems I have achieved that. It is to get folks to avoid calling those who come from a different point of view 'kooky', 'fluffy-bunny', (and not yours) 'weak' 'weird' 'wrong'. It is all Aikido.
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