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Originally posted by Sarah

Now I dunno about Chris, but it's references to `deeper meanings' that actually sets my `kook alarm' off. Blend can start to mean any thing to them, as you seem to be aware as you put a bit of a disclaimer in one of earlier posts.

Paticulary when someone in the dim distant past said something along the lines of `Aikido is blending', sounding as though he was sharing wisdom from on high and expecting the rest of us to chant 'amen'. While, I might add, implying that my initial comment was somehow shallower than his convoluted ramble.

I now believe that the kook alarm registered a false positive in your case

he will be sooo relieved. But what about the rest of the 'kooks'? And is the 'amen' only required for when an instructor intones 'Aikido is atemi'?
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