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Originally posted by ca
Sarah, you are right, you did not say X percent, you were one of those who heard X percent, or you would not have thought there was something wrong with thinking blending is a part of Aikido, any more than atemi is a part.

Right, now I'm getting annoyed. I do not think any such thing and I did not say any such thing. Could you please back up your assertions with quotes from my posts.

Just how much a part is what gets some people in a frame of mind that calls those with a different frame 'kooky'. Or do you truely think that any degree of blending is out of the question in Aikido?

No. What have I written that makes you think I do?

Telling Craig he was out of line to use blend, then use Kimasubi (sic)? THAT certainly cleared things up. And by the way, what exactly is 'tie a knot in ki?' Is it in any way meant to be similar to tie together with ki, or to to join ki?

The point I was trying to make was that different groups use different words for the same thing, and the same words for different things. This leads to misunderstadings.
I have never told Craig that he was out of line.

Believing a Vulcan death grip can kill is not (probably) reasonable. But there are many styles of Aikido besides yours, and they are just as reasonable as yours. The fact that YOU don't enjoy them (if you have actually tried them) does not make them 'fluffy-bunny' or 'kooky'. They are simply not what appeals to you--which is probably good for all concerned.

You are reading stuff that simply isn't there.

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