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Originally posted by ca
I don't think 'Aikido is blend' is any more of a 'kook' (is that a word?) statement than 'Aikido is atemi'. What is entertaining is people's reactions to those statements, usually because either the speaker or the listener inserts a percentage (most often 95% )...

Then there was the person who tried out the free class at my dojo, and then proceeded to tell a few of us about this sort of delayed action vulcan death grip, by which you can shake someone's hand and a week later they fall down dead. (As far as I know noone teaches this at my dojo.)
I consider that definitely kooky.

Instead of rushing into battle to defend the word and percentage so near and dear to one's own heart, why not take the entertaining route? I am fairly confident I can identify the sytle preference and/or personality traits of those who go for the 'percent' statements involving 'Aikido' and 'is' with usually one or two other words. And let it be. We all know there are different ways of seeing and doing, no need to label those do not who follow one's personal preferences as 'kooks'.

Yeah I know - I've even trained with Shodokan folks - and enjoyed it .

For the record - I thought that Craig might be a bit on the kooky side - I am glad to find that I was wrong about this.

I don't think I have ever made a statement of the form 'Aikido is [X%] Y', but you're welcome to take a stab at style preference etc. I'll let you know if you get it right.


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