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Has anyone ever heard of Taijutsu

I couldn't make it to Aikido at my dojo because of schedule conflicts this week, so I thought I might try another form of budo taught at my dojo on off nights. I went in tonight and played around with a couple guys who practice Taijutsu. I guess it is derived from ninjutsu, but has been edited slightly for modern day society. They used many aiki ideas, but they were very dirty fighters as well.

My ukemi took me a long way there, but when the throat chopping and armpit pinching started I began loosing interest. They seemed to understand timing, posture, and force as an aikidoka, but had much more violent goals. The sensei mentioned to me that the godan test curriculum apparently consists of the test taker kneeling and waiting for the shihan to strike him/her in the back of the head with a bokken, and must move out of the way just in time not to get hit. Well, just thought I would see if anyone else had heard or practiced this form of budo and any thoughts. The dojo was bujinkan dojo.

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