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Any of you in the 30-50 (or whatever) group wondering about the 500+ group, or the other way around? I think this is a poll that might end up with two peaks... I wander from place to place, so don't have an average dojo, let alone an average class, but I've been in both the 30-50 and the 500+ places (and yes, they both exist).

The higher number group probably has a 5-10 minute period during warm up for 'ukemi'. When the senior student at my first dojo would say that word during warm up, we'd start doing forward, backward rolls, side falls, break falls, etc, as quickly as possible (if you weren't in your first week, and were interested in eventually getting to uke for sensei, your rate was about 50 per minute). You were grateful to hear sensei shout 'shikko' (until the 6th time round the mat or so... ) Further, these number are probably more common in dojos that teach 'train don't talk'; ukes were expected to hit the mat and jump right back up to attack, none of this tug the gi, brush the hair, look around a bit action.And the only one teaching was sensei. On the other hand, older less agile more fragile students didn't last very long or come very often.

Another place I like has some slow paced some fast paced partners, so of course the count is lower, but you get more partner variation. They have some ukemi practice, but not a lot.

The 30-50 group is more like a place I spend time at now, where there is no ukemi practice during warm-up, and a lot of mat teaching going on. The mat teaching is good if you like it (not if you don't), but it cuts into training (and hence the falling count).
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