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Fred Little
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Re: Tamura's warm up

There are actually a couple of books out there, out of print but still available.

I (literally) picked up a copy at a garage sale a few years back and started paging through out of idle curiousity. A few pages in, I thought, "pieces of this look an awful lot like a standard aikido warmup, but there's much more detail here."

That book was:

The Ancient Tradition of Do-In 1 by Jacques de Langre

It deals primarily with hand and foot auto-massage technique.

The second volume is:

Do-in II by Jacques de Langre

There are others in the series, but these are the only two that I know to be available.

Definitely a period piece. I haven't seen a a one-piece short-shorts jumper like the one on the model for the photographs in more than a couple of decades.....

But what relationship Mr. De Langre's work has to traditional Chinese Dao Yin or to Tamura's workout I couldn't say.....

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