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Originally posted by cconstantine

Well, it's definitely easier for me to say "blend" than it is for me to say everything else I've said all week here. But *clearly* I'm the odd ball attaching these meanings to this particular word.


Clearly then, everyone (at least you, but I presume many others ) use blend to mean something else -- if not completely different.

Do you mean simply the normal english meaning, or something else? (If you care to ellaborate, that'd be great. If not, is the information ellaborated somewhere else that you can just point me to?)

The Pocket Oxford dictionary lists 4 meanings which may all have relevance to discussions about aikido. Which is the normal one?

Also, aside from your clearly taking issue with my use of the specific word *blend*. Do you have issues with the concepts and ideas that I mean when I say blend?

Now I dunno about Chris, but it's references to `deeper meanings' that actually sets my `kook alarm' off. Blend can start to mean any thing to them, as you seem to be aware as you put a bit of a disclaimer in one of earlier posts.

Paticulary when someone in the dim distant past said something along the lines of `Aikido is blending', sounding as though he was sharing wisdom from on high and expecting the rest of us to chant 'amen'. While, I might add, implying that my initial comment was somehow shallower than his convoluted ramble.

(OK, so I was a little peeved about that. I felt that you missed possibly the most important word in the post in your headlong rush to correct a mistake that wasn't actually in there! And there weren't even that many words >:| )

I now believe that the kook alarm registered a false positive in your case

The problem is that if we have different meanings for the word blend, without the hours of explanation it is futile to even try to discuss concepts. We have to share a vocabulary first!

...I don't think literal filtering would work, but a section on the site (maybe there already is one? Jun?) where the nuances of those key terms is at least nailed down.

I don't think that these terms get 'nailed down'. They just get argued about. Often people end up agreeing to differ.

I might discover their "definitions" are different from those to which I'm accustomed, but then I could correct my vocabulary (before barging into the forums) and use the common/correct vocabulary.

There is already an interesting language section on this site -look to the top left of the page. I paticularly liked Jun's bit about common instances of ai and ki in everyday Japanese.
Personally, I think your vocabulary is not so much incorrect, as not so strictly defined as you'd perhaps like it to be.
'frinstance `blend'. (Are you as sick of that word as I am yet?)
WRT aikido, you say 'what happens in a food mixer'. I say 'what a watercolour artist may do with colours'. Already we've got a slight difference in connotation. Gotta love English!

FWIW, I didn't even vote in the poll. There wasn't a box for "maybe".


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