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Re: Gokyo-why?

I do it two ways:

1. Start as standard ikkyo and change your way towards gokyo. Deal more with the elbow during ikkyo and don't catch the wrist until gokyo 'reveals' itself. Of course, if you find yourself catching the wrist as ikkyo,then just do ikkyo - it makes no sense to change.
2. Avoid a right handed strike to the inside by moving ot the right and take uke's lowered arm with your own right, palm down. As uke raises up after the strike, start gokyo.
2b. Or, non-standard - as you avoid to the right, cut uke's arm down with your own tegatana, then strike to the face quickly, and as he raises to protect himeself, take gokyo - I like this one best as it is more practical - the technique creates itself - it works for me anyway.

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