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Please don't worry that I am going to take your ideas at face value and base all of my personal aiki-philosophy around them. I don't do that with my instructors let alone random people on the internet.
...yeah, I don't know why I wrote that. (I should know aikidoka would never do such a silly thing.) When I was done writing that monster post, I thought the post sounded like I was trying to jump up on a soap box and preach to little kids. I tossed that bit trying to make sure everyone understood that I feel more like the little new kid at class blurting out my ideas to see what everyone else thinks.


... we do not share the same English vocabulary WRT aikido - probably as a result of differing lineages and dojo cultures. I've been thinking and I cannot recall ever hearing the word "blend" in my home dojo. Join up, join with, kimasubi - these are all used for a similar set of concepts. Language guides thinking....
Bingo! This is exactly what I'm trying to sort out. I'm clearly not using the same vocabulary. It seems plausible that I'm expousing on the same ideas though.

'kimasubi', what's that? Jun! Word number two for that new section "simple aikido terms that have significant meaning"...


I'd be interested in hearing from other posters - do your teachers use the word "blend" frequently?
How about "one point" and "extend ki". Are there any other words you see used here that aren't part of your usual dojo vocabulary?
Our staple diet of vocabulary words would start with (most frequently served first ): keep one-point, extend ki, and weight underside. (I'm ducking here, because I haven't seen that vocabulary ANYWHERE else.... How about "relaxed and heavy" instead of 'weight underside'?) My version of "blend" wouldn't make my top three list...
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