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Craig wrote:
'Blend' is much easier to say...

Is it?
Well, it's definitely easier for me to say "blend" than it is for me to say everything else I've said all week here. But *clearly* I'm the odd ball attaching these meanings to this particular word.

These are the hazards of training at only one dojo. Which is one of the reasons why I like to come here and swim in the bigger Aikido thoughts pond.

To convey your intended meaning, you spend an hour refuting or qualifying the commonly understood meanings of the word, quite possibly missing some very important points in the process.
Clearly then, everyone (at least you, but I presume many others ) use blend to mean something else -- if not completely different.

Do you mean simply the normal english meaning, or something else? (If you care to ellaborate, that'd be great. If not, is the information ellaborated somewhere else that you can just point me to?)

Also, aside from your clearly taking issue with my use of the specific word *blend*. Do you have issues with the concepts and ideas that I mean when I say blend?


If I was administering this forum, I would select one of these often misused and misunderstood words every month, and automatically filter it out of all new posts. (Blend, ego, and ki are on my short list.) I would like to believe this would lead to more interesting and productive dialogue.
...I don't think literal filtering would work, but a section on the site (maybe there already is one? Jun?) where the nuances of those key terms is at least nailed down.
I might discover their "definitions" are different from those to which I'm accustomed, but then I could correct my vocabulary (before barging into the forums) and use the common/correct vocabulary.
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