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Re: Gokyo-why?

Hi Peter,

When you perform gokyo from shomenuchi, do you do the beginning of ikkyo first, then take gokyo grip? Kind of like many versions of nikkyo, or sankyo? I always find it easier to off-balance using ikkyo, then maintain the off-balance while I take the proper control, then complete the waza.

For example, sankyo omote, kihon...
Enter, control elbow and wrist,
open step / body change while cutting down,
shuffle, flip the wrist while controling the fingers,
assume control with hand close to uke, control elbow with hand that was controling fingers,
cross step in for the pin, using uke's palm against your hip.

This means that I don't have to reach for the control with tall uke, and uke is bent over and very off-balance during any "grip changes". Of course, most controls can be done "cutting" as opposed to gripping, but then we are not talking "kihon"...


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