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Originally posted by AikiWeb System

I just got word that the Aikido Association of Northern California Division I headed by William Witt sensei has now become the Takemusu Aikido Association. The news release I received reads, in part, "William Witt sensei, 7th dan, director of AANC Division I, announced that the division has gained a new name and shifted to a new affiliation with Morihei [sic] Saito sensei in Iwama and the Hombu Dojo in Tokyo." The release continues to say that the AANC itself has been dissolved and split into two organizations: the Takemusu Aikido Association (TAA) and the California Aikido Association (CAA) headed by Frank Doran sensei and Bob Nadeau sensei.
KAMI : IMO, the release states clearly the aggressive nature of the separation and the dissolution of the AANC, immediately after the nomination by the Aikikai of its 3 leaders to the condition of Aikikai Shihan. It's a pity Aikido continues to be charged with politics and power struggles.

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