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Re: man, it's tough!

Larry Camejo wrote:
I think it's the instructor's duty to select Uke that will competently assist in teaching the required principle that is being dealt with during the session. This includes their level of ukemi, relaxation levels and ability to adapt to sudden unknown movement changes without losing balance easily etc. If I am teaching a class and my Uke continuously resists my technique during instruction for no other reason than a test of strength/wills then this to me is a serious discipline problem, regardless of whether or not I throw him with another waza. .....LC
I have an instructor that always tells us about one seminar that he went to. A high degree black belt from the NE of USA was invited to teach. He called out a black belt to be his uke so as to demonstrate a particular technique. Well, the uke was deliberately trying to stop the technique in a bid to show who was better. Instead of changing to another technique that would have worked against the pressure that was given, the visiting instructor just waved the guy off the mat and called up another black belt for the technique demonstration.
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