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Re: Gokyo-why?

Ian Upstone wrote:
....#4. Techniques such shomenuchi gokyo omote are not possible, as nage needs to reach ukes wrist from the offset, (and, assuming nage is entering as uke raises their arm for the shomenuchi, the wrist we are going for is out of reach for those of us without an orangutanesque reach)
Shomenuchi gokkyo is possible, if however, you can't reach the wrist when doing okuri ashi then you need to either wait for the hand to come down further so the wrist is then possible to be grabbed or do a different entry such as tenkan which will make the wrist possible to grab. If two of my Senseis can do it an they are both short, then the technique is possible. Plus, O'Sensei was even way shorter than my two instructors.
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