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Re: man, it's tough!

Ian Dodkins wrote:
Totally agree. I've only been teaching for about 4 years, but doing something and trying to explain why and how you are doing something are completely different things!

I used to do a funny joke sometimes with a particular student in demonstrations. I always knew he would try and resist the technique i would try to put on so I would always say the converse of the technique I was actually going to do! e.g. I would say I was going to do morote-dori kokyu-nage/sokumen irimi-nage. As he leaned his full weight on my arm holding it down, I would just do kaiten-nage - it would always look like I'd done the most perfect throw, just because I could predict where he was going to apply the force!
I have a student just like yours! I can't tell him what I'm going to do, or he'll try to resist. If I throw him twice with the same technique, the third time will fail.

Perhaps you need to have the same talk with your student as I just recently had with mine.

I told my student that every student in the dojo was learning from him too, not just me, and that he should show them how to do ukemi safely.

If I throw him with four different techniques by adapting to what he gives, then my aikido is alright...

but how will everyone else know what to work on?

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