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man, it's tough!

a new student shows up at our dojo, and he's unbelieveable! without going into any detail, it only takes a few techniques to see he's going to be a natural.

i grasp the opportunity to work with him last night, because i've always loved teaching. no matter how much, or how little, i can contribute, i love sharing knowledge.

anyway, it turned out that he was the teacher, and i was the student. i was learning from him all night. i learned that i did not understand the techniques as deeply as i thought, because i could not answer all his questions. i learned that i still rely on "robotic" movement of my uke, because when he got confused on how to be an uke, i got confused as a nage. i learned to stop relying on laurels and assumptions, and start showing up with an empty cup.

and i learned what my Sensei truly meant when she said: "it's when you start teaching that you truly start learning".

maybe one day, i'll learn to capitalize my "i's"
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