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Re: Gokyo-why?

From an physical application point of view; I've applied this particular waza during training on co-operative uke and obviously had no problems, I've also disarmed a prisoner who was fully resisting and again, had no problems achieving the bend in elbow and wrist however; to get to that point I needed to use a reasonable atemi with my own elbow in to and between the prisoner's own shoulder blades, this had a very effective result of making him flinch and relax his resistance to the technique, once the elbow was raised and the wrist brought directly underneath (beyond a right-angle toward the shoulder) he instantly released the knife, and suffered minor tissue damage to the tendons and muscles of the wrist and forearm, not to mention a painful upper back.

For the classical application of gokyo ude nobashi, i keep uke's arm straight (as in ikkyo ude osae) however my leading hand is reversed (as previously described) with my thumb close to uke's wrist (roughly where the pulse would be). From a practical point of view, I'm not at all concerned how I get to the end result providing I'm safe and most importantly, not cut too badly.

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