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Re: Gokyo-why?

Mr. Goldsbury,

"though you would be surprised at how many test candidates cannot tell the difference between 5-kyou and 1-kyou. I think that 5-kyou, like 1-kyou, is still fundamentally an elbow pin."

What exactly is it that you mean by this statement? What is it that makes it so hard for test candidates to understand the difference between ikkyo and gokyo? Do you mean they don't make the correct grip, or they try and use omote takedowns, or they use the wrong finishing control? Is it something other then these 3 things? If it's not one of these 3 things then I to have a hard time differentiating gokyo from Ikkyo, and I would like to be enlightened as to the difference's. Also what do you mean by saying it's fundamentally an elbow "pin". I would call a pin something that holds someone to a fixed point, and I would feel that gokyo doesn't actually do this at all.

Thank you
-Chris Hein
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