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Ron Tisdale
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Re: Takemusu Aiki in Systematic Teaching?

My disconnect is that I was looking for continuity in the method. If I am hearing you right, there may not be any continuity at this stage of the systematic or prescriptive approach to training. In which case, there is no prescribed systematic method for achieving the experience of takemusu in these systematic approaches to training. It just happens at some point. Which is fine, too. I simply would not have assumed so.
I think there is may not be as rigid as what you are looking for, but it is there. I won't bore the readers with the methods again, since they are the same ones I mentioned earlier.

Many people expect a yoshinkan pivot to be 95 degrees when done as a basic movement. My teacher, however, has always stressed that it is ABOUT 95 degrees. The idea is how far do I have to pivot, to maximize my position while reducing uke's power (and the ability to express that power against me). That is not an exact degree of movement for every situation...not even for the same two people twice in a row.

Common misunderstanding about the yoshinkan basic movements, methodology, and my opinion.


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